Thursday, June 26, 2014

Back in the U.S. of A.

Sorry for the blog silence in the last week.  We did make it back to the U.S. with no problems, all of our luggage made it, and our three (!) flights were smooth and easy.  If you follow on Instagram you'll have already seen the only "issue" we had was at the San Salvador International Airport...  We had a very short layover and we got stuck in the International Customs (which was set up right inside the gate lobby) as they very thoroughly searched Peter's carryon, while we heard announcements for our flight's boarding just two gates down...

The high-tech security system at San Salvador's International Airport is just staggering. <--- p="" sarcasm="">

It was just sooo funny.  Here we were just steps away from our gate, being held by cloth line dividers, while tiny women searched our luggage...

(No x-rays? No body scanners? Nothing?)

I caught a cold on our flight and have been just resting up this past week.  We leave in two days for a mini-vacation, which we're really excited about.  In the next two days we have to get some cell phones, apply for some credit cards, and repack some of our stuff.

Thanks for reading.  See you again soon!



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