Monday, June 9, 2014

Life Update... We're moving to...

I was waiting to publish this post until I had signed and returned my contract.  Now it is official.  We are moving to... 


Alabama State Flag (yes, it's supposed to be square)

I was offered a job at a private, independent, college-prep school in Dothan, Alabama.  I will be teaching two choirs, another music class TBA, and directing the school musical.  I am hoping that in the next couple of years I will also be able to start a strings program.  The school has a great music program established already, with general music for elementary and a thriving band and choral department.  I am so excited to jump on board.

Peter and I are excited because this job pays well and the cost of living is very low in that area.  We are able to move out there without him already having a job.  He will look for jobs once we relocate, but we are relieved that we will be able to survive even if it takes him awhile to find one.

Obviously this is going to be a big change from Rio de Janeiro (and California), but we are excited.  I've always wanted to live in the South!  We are looking forward to exploring a new area of the U.S. and I will continue to blog as much as possible.  We plan on going to Disney World frequently (it will only be 5 hours away), as well as exploring the rest of the South (Atlanta, Nashville, etc.)

The next couple of weeks/months are going to be very busy.  We have to pack up, clean, buy more souvenirs, sell stuff, and fly back to California.  Once we reach California we will relax and visit with family for a week, go on vacation for a week or two, and then think about packing up all of our stuff and driving out to Alabama.  We're hoping to have a few weeks to settle in our new place before school starts (mid-August).  I do have some blog post ideas in mind for the next couple of weeks, but please forgive me if they don't all get published right away.

Exciting times are ahead and I hope you'll continue reading my blog and following along with our adventures.  Now that we'll have some financial stability, we are excited about saving up for some more overseas trips.  And, of course, if you have any recommendations for things we should see and do in the South, let me know!

Alabama's Great Seal



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