Thursday, August 13, 2015

Art Journal Update || Watercolor and Quotes

This is what I originally envisioned for my art journal... using it more as an actual journal... storing quotes and images I like... layering color and writing whatever I want.  Somehow along the way my art journal became more of a place to practice sketching and random watercolor and acrylic techniques, and less of a journal.  After doing these pages I decided I wanted to go back to my original intent and produce pages where I could reflect and actually write.  So maybe I'll get back into that and start posting those pictures on the blog... but now that school is starting back up I'm not sure I'll have a lot of time.

Sea Fever is my favorite poem.  It's by John Masefield and it actually has 3 stanzas, though the first is my favorite.

Water Night is a song by Eric Whitacre that I love.  It's an English translation of a Spanish poem by Pablo Neruda (I think...)


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