Thursday, August 6, 2015

Coffee Table Wedding Album || & A Mini Review

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I recently saw an ad on Facebook for a company called Artisan State.  They were advertising digital photo books for as low as $5.  I was intrigued.  So I went to their site and created an account.  Sure enough, for your first order you could choose from a photo album or framed 8x10 for as low as $5 (plus shipping/handling).  I ordered one right away!

This book is small, and it is perfect for my coffee table.  The $5 version gives you only 20 pages (10 pages front and back), but you can add as many photos as you want to each page (the more photos you add, the smaller the photos will be).  The layouts are easy to use.  They don't crop any of your photos, and you can rearrange and adjust as much as you want.  They have pre-set layouts that you can choose from, and you can specify the number of horizontal and portrait photos that you have for each page.  The layouts adjust accordingly.  Very simple and easy to use.

The pages are thick card stock and feel very durable.

Front Cover:


That is dog hair, not a print imperfection ;)

Some of my favorite inside pages:

These full-page spreads are my favorite

Back Cover:

The print quality is ok, but it's probably not the best you'll find out there.  The covers are a little blurry.  But I love that they give you the option of doing a full-page of one picture.  The pictures go all the way to the edge and, to me, look really awesome.  I didn't include pictures of the reception (cake cutting, bouquet toss, etc) because I was limited to so few pages.

Overall, for $5 these are an excellent deal.  I don't think I would purchase one at full price though ($30 for 20 pages).  There just aren't enough pages to justify the price.

I'm keeping this one on my coffee table!  Do you think you will try it out yourself?  For $5 you can't go wrong!  They still have the $5 deal going on now.  Click here to try it out.
Note: I purchased this album with my own money and did the review on my own whim.  Artisan State has no idea who I am.

We got married at a park in San Diego, CA.  The park is called Ventura Cove and is located in Mission Bay.  It is one of my favorite places in San Diego.

More wedding pictures:
guest book (diy)

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