Thursday, September 24, 2015

Free Therapy - Art Journal

So I decided I wanted to use my art journal as more like a journal (by actually writing daily thoughts in it) and scrapbook-hybrid... so I got it out, got out some paint to prep some pages, and then just got carried away.  And I painted about 6 pages yesterday and 5 today (not sharing all of them on here because some of them are reeeeeally ugly lol).  And I like what I painted so I don't want to "ruin" them by adding more layers or journaling.  So for now it's going to stay as an "idea book" and maybe I'll start a new, real, art journal when I finish this notebook.  Only a few more pages to go.

Here's what I have come up with lately.  Sorry for the bad quality photos - all I have is my iPhone and bad lighting.

This page is incomplete but I thought I'd include it anyway.  This is inspired by a city in Italy called Portovenere:
Watercolor and Sharpie pen

Of course, flowers:
Watercolors and felt-tipped markers

Sharpie pen and Watercolor

Crayon, watercolors, and Sharpie pen

This was inspired by a very similar drawing by one of my favorite artists, Alisa Burke.
Watercolor, Sharpie pen

Multimedia flowers:
Watercolor, Acrylic, Washi tape, sharpie

I wanted to illustrate my favorite quote but I'm really really bad at lettering.  So I just started writing to fill up the page.  I tried it two ways: the first way was to just keep going with the letters, even if the words are split up between lines.  The second was to use all caps and try to fit all the words in.  Which do you like better?

These are lyrics from my favorite song, "Corcovado," by Antonio Carlos Jobim.

"I want a life always like this
with you close to me
until the old flame (of passion) is put out."

I'm not an artist by any means, but it is a fun way for me to relax in the evenings.  Peter and I sit together at the dinner table and paint while watching Netflix.  I love getting lost in the paint and forgetting whatever else is going on in life.  Very therapeutic.  I'm still trying to find "my style..."

What do you do to relax?


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