Saturday, September 12, 2015

Checking in

I decided I want to quit teaching and become a secretary.

Then I went to a music teachers conference yesterday and got a little bit of refreshment and encouragement, and I think I'll be ok for a few more weeks...

I think a lot of people don't realize how emotionally draining teaching is.  Parents are quick to complain and quick to contact the teachers when something is wrong, but rarely do they email just to say, "Hey my child loves your class, you're doing a great job, thanks!"  A little encouragement can go a long way.

But isn't that the truth with most things in life?  People are generous with complaints and stingy with compliments, no matter what the setting.

So, while I know that people say "You always have enough time, it's just where you decide to spend it..." (in reference to the excuse given for why I haven't posted on my blog in so long...) Well, to be honest, I do have time... but when I get home from work my brain is fried and I have absolutely no creative energy left to cook dinner much less write a blog post.

So my goal is to try to schedule as many as I can over the weekends, and we'll see what happens.

In the meantime, enjoy these links from around the interwebs:

I have to remind myself of this a lot.

This would be a fun job.

Summer is almost over, but these still sound yummy.

I really want to visit Iceland someday.

Art Journal must haves.

Is the stackable ring trend still going strong these days?

I always wanted to be a stamp designer.

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