Friday, November 9, 2012

Gluten-Free isn't always healthier

Hi Friends,

Today I thought I'd address the "gluten-free" issue.  Many people know that I am gluten-free.  I wrote a long explanation why here.  But as I've been doing more research, I've found out that gluten-free doesn't always mean that you are healthier.  Often the substitutes (rice flour, etc.) can make you feel bloated and make you gain weight.

I follow a blog by a woman named Maria who is a nutritionist and health expert.  She posts recipes and thorough explanations for what we eat, how it affects us, and what are better alternatives to all the junk out there.  Her post about gluten-free and inflammation was very interesting.  If you are at all curious about going gluten-free, please check out this woman's blog!  There is also a recipe attached to every post.  Today's is pumpkin waffles.  I am excited to try it soon!

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  1. One of the problems people have when they eliminate something from their diet, is that they use other things to substitute for what they normally eat. For example, someone decides to be a vegan and eats soy milk instead of cow's milk. But they buy non-organic vanilla soy milk and end up drinking pesticides and sugar. But, they could have decided to eat a banana for breakfast instead of their normal bowl of cereal with milk. I think the adventure of eliminating something from your diet is that you come up with completely different things to eat!


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