Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Two-Cents Tuesday = "What is your life goal?"

Many people have asked me something along the lines of, "So what do you want to do after you finish your Master's? What is your life goal?"  My answer?

"Housewife."  That response is usually returned with looks of horror.  It is a shame that the desire to be a housewife requires justification.  I guess that is society these days.  But seriously, here are the reasons why I want to be a stay-at-home-wife:

1.  I'm tired.  I not have a lot of energy, due to recent health issues.  Merely the thought of working full time exhausts me.

2.  I am dying to practice my other instruments (piano and violin).  I would love to be good enough to accompany.

3.  I want to cultivate other artistic mediums (painting, photography, etc.)

4.  There are about a hundred recipes I want to try.

5.  I have a few great ideas for books (novels, poetry, self-help) that I want to write.

Some people may think that these are selfish reasons.  It's not fair for my husband to do all the work and for me to just sit at home and have "fun" all day.  But I disagree.  I think it is the role of the husband to be the provider for the family.

I am realistic about the fact that if I am a housewife, the majority of my time will be spent cleaning, baking, running errands, etc, and I might not have time to accomplish all of the things on the above list.  But I do know that if I worked full time, my "free time" would consist of household duties, leaving no time left for creativity.  Does that make sense?

Here's the problem: It is very difficult, almost impossible for a family to survive on one income, especially in these days and current economy.  So, unfortunately, I may not get my wish...

What is YOUR life goal?

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  1. Haha...I want to work full-time, because the thought of being home with children all day exhausts ME!


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