Monday, November 5, 2012

Stamp Ideas

Ok this is a random story, but when I was a little kid I wanted to be a stamp designer.  I'm not talking about the kind you put on letters.  I'm talking about rubber and ink stamps!  I still love to go into stationery stores and browse the stamps! 

Someday I'm going to buy a stamp-making kit.  They are affordable and look easy enough to use! (This would be a good Christmas gift, hint hint...)

Over the past few weeks I've been sketching stamp ideas in my art journal.  Here are few that I like the best...


My future initials

Monogram idea (casual)

Some soon-to-be sketched ideas are:
- Return address
- Flowers
- Geometric shapes
- More monogram ideas
- Future last name (The Arthurs)

What are your favorite stamp designs?


  1. That looks like so much fun! I'm putting that on my Christmas Wish List, too! I'm interested in seeing your return address ideas!

  2. I am impressed with you and our artsy-ness. I love your stamp ideas! I have a fun stamp's cute little animal stamps. I use them to stamp assignments I've entered into the gradebook. Keep making stamp ideas! I'd love to see more! :)


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