Friday, November 30, 2012

Inexpensive Artwork

Did you know that some wallpaper websites will send you free samples?  I visited Farrow and Ball and they mailed me 5 free wallpaper samples (free shipping, too!)!!!  I have been thinking about what to do with them...

I could make envelopes, use them in my art journal, wrap presents with them, make ornaments, make gift tags, etc. etc. etc....  But I thought they are just too pretty to "destroy."

SOOOO I'm going to frame them as-is!  I think they make beautiful artwork!

I'll post again once I've assembled frames.  In the meantime, what do you think?

(These 3 matched the best... the other 2 were completely different color palettes...)


  1. Those are so pretty! Can't wait to see them in frames!

    1. Thanks! I can't wait to find frames! I'm thinking silver would look nice...

  2. So pretty! :) You always think of awesome stuff to do with random things that are cute. Love it!

    1. Thanks, Erin! :) Can't wait to start Christmas crafts! I have some ideas for my instagram photos!


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