Thursday, November 7, 2013

Nothing planned

Well I am sitting in bed, feeling sick, coughing my lungs out, and too tired to find the camera and download the pictures from two weeks ago that I need to post on the blog.  So instead of getting out of my comfortable bed to do that, I'm going to sit here and share links of things I find interesting...

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Here is where I find interesting art.

This is where I plan and dream about my future home.

This would be a cute gift for a niece or nephew.

Something like this would be a good anniversary gift.

I'm dying to have tea in any of these fabulous London locations.

Some Christmas gifts I'm thinking about buying for myself and having Peter's sister bring back with her:  

I've tried Sugar's Lip Treatment  in Sugar Honey and it's the perfect neutral color for me.  

I've read great review of the Josie Maran Argan Infinity Cream and I'd like to try it myself.  

I tried the Benefit Cosmetics World Famous Neutral eye shadows with a friend once and I loved the colors so much I really should have bought them, but I didn't... :(  

I bought the Dior Addict Lipglow once (before they raised the price) and it was so amazing I used it all up.  But I could never justify spending that much money on lip balm again.  But, really, it is amazing.  

So which product should I get for my Christmas present to myself?

Ok now it's time to drink more water, make a light lunch, and snuggle back in bed with a movie and a nap.  Being sick is no fun, but it's always a good excuse to watch movies and stay in bed all day!

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