Friday, November 8, 2013

Fashion and Art

Every time I've read a fashion magazine or blog I've been repulsed by the outfits I've seen.  I thought, "Who would actually wear that in real life?!?!"  

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from here

from here

But lately I've been thinking about art and trying to figure out my aesthetic... and I've been reading blogs and trying to find inspiration... and I came upon a post by a blogger I love, Guarance, called "Go Big or Go Home?" It's a short post about some earrings, but it got me thinking about fashion and art and  how fashion designers get these ideas and then just "go big" with them.  And maybe that's what I should do with my creative attempts (be it art to hang on my walls, sketches in my journal, songs I sing in the shower, music education philosophy, and more).  

Maybe I should stop waiting to "figure it out" and just do it.  And make it big and memorable.

Now I need to just stop thinking about it and actually DO it.

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