Friday, November 15, 2013

What's in a name? And other random stuff...

It's been awhile since I've written a "life update."  So here it is!

The transition from Smith to Arthur has been much easier than I anticipated.  I thought I would be so confused and forgetful that I am not Julie Smith anymore.  But it's been surprisingly easy to become Julie Arthur.   I think it's because literally no one here (other than Peter) knew me as Julie Smith.  I'm Julie Arthur or Mrs. Arthur, and there is no confusion.  No one says, "Ms. Smith, oops I mean, Mrs. Arthur," because no one knows otherwise.  Therefore, I don't think of myself as "previously Ms. Smith who is now Mrs. Arthur."  I just am Mrs. Arthur.  

On Monday I'm applying for a new passport with my new name, so then it will really be official!

Ok, let's see, what else is new?  Well, I'm not pregnant yet.  I know everyone is really curious about that because I'm not taking birth control pills (but I could write a whole post just about that).  Long story short, we're hoping we don't get pregnant for awhile, but if we do, well, then we do.

I have a wisdom tooth growing in.  Ugh.  Last June I went to the dentist and had x-rays taken and she told me there were no wisdom teeth in my horizon.  Actually I've been told that my whole life.  "You'll probably never have wisdom teeth, lucky you."  (I even have two molars that are baby teeth because there are no "adult" teeth under them...)  But, as luck would have it, as soon as I moved to Brazil, a wisdom tooth starts growing!  I'm 26, I'm too old for this!  Grrrrr.  So now I have to go get more x-rays, take them to the dentist (because dentists here don't do their own x-rays...why? I don't know - it's Brazil!), and possibly have surgery to remove my stupid tooth.

We have a 3 day weekend this weekend, we had plans to go out of town, but those plans fell through.  So we hope that in staying home we'll use our time wisely and be artistic.  Peter wants to do some graphic designing and I want to do some watercoloring.  We just bought a volleyball and are going to play in the pool for a little bit and maybe head to the beach later.  It's a beautiful day - 80 degrees and sunny, with a slight breeze.

So now I must get offline and go enjoy the afternoon.

What's new with you?  Leave a comment!

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