Monday, December 16, 2013

Paraty - Part 1 - We're on a boat

Last weekend we went with our friends, the Coopers, to Paraty, Brazil.  It's an adorable, historic town south of Rio de Janeiro (but still in the state of RJ).  The first day there we took a boat ride around several islands near the town.  On a typical day, the water is supposed to be crystal clear.  We had a stormy weekend, so it was overcast and not very clear, but still sooo beautiful.  We were also lucky that it wasn't hot!

This mini-vacation was definitely needed, as I had been feeling down and out for a couple of weeks.  It was nice to be reminded that people enjoy my company.  We had such a lovely time!

A historic church near the parking lot:

Boats all lined up and ready to head out:

Another historic church we saw on our way out of the bay:

Two cuties enjoying the water:

A random boat we passed:

My hairy-faced husband enjoying the boat:

SO MUCH GREEN EVERYWHERE!!!  The jungle is my favorite place on earth.  I think, having grown up in a desert, I appreciate the luscious, green jungle so much more!

This is where we paused to go swimming!

Would you like to live here on this secluded island?  I would!!!

We stopped to have a snack on a little island restaurant... And our boat looked so cute waiting for us:

But the BEST part of the day was coming back to the house and having dinner prepared and waiting for us:

(Photography mostly by Peter.)

I love Paraty because it is a historic town which exists in a coastal rainforest... it is such a unique place to visit.  I hope we can go back someday!  

More pics to come!

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