Thursday, December 19, 2013

Paraty - Part 4 - A Snail on a Rail

Can we just stop for a second and admire this totally adorable, tiny snail?!?!?  This thing was ti-ny!

Although I almost smooshed the snail with my hand because it was so small I didn't see it, and then squealed and insisted Peter come over immediately to take some pics, I am proud to say no snails were harmed in the taking of these pictures!

(Snail photography by Peter Arthur)

This snail was found in Paraty, Brazil.

As some of you have noticed by now, comments are back to normal.  I have noooooo idea what happened for a few months, but I realized that people were unable to comment.  I think it had something to do with blogger putting everything on Google+ (which I didn't want)... So I think I fixed it an now everything should be back to normal for commenting.  If you want to leave a comment but don't have any of the IDs listed, you should be able to create a "Guest" post and put your name in, or just post as "Anonymous" and sign your name after your comment.

Thanks, everyone!

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