Monday, December 2, 2013

Peter talks in his sleep

So... Peter talks in his sleep.  Here are my favorite conversations:

P: "mumble mumble mumble"
J: (not sure if he's asleep or really saying something), "What?"
P: (Slightly annoyed and enunciating very clearly), "I SAID, we will keep on researching even if other people... DON'T."


P: "Your hair is everywhere!"
J: "Huh?  My hair is in a ponytail on the other side of the bed from you."
P: "I mean, just in general... you have a lot of hair!"


P: "The lenses... the lenses," as he is waving his arms in front of himself.
J: "What?"
P: (Clearly exasperated at me) "Ugh, never mind, it's too hard to explain!" (He then harumphs and rolls over)


The best part is he has absolutely no recollection of these conversations the next morning!  I guess I'm lucky he sticks to sleep talking and not sleep walking!

What is the craziest thing you've done in your sleep?

(Yes, I got his permission before posting this)

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