Monday, January 27, 2014

Daily Life - Part 3

(The other day I asked my sister what she thought about my blog.  She said she wished I would post more pictures of "daily life in Brazil."  I immediately thought, "I post tons of pictures like that!"  And then I realized that most of the "daily life" pictures are on Instagram.  So, in case any readers out there don't have Instagram, I'm going to post a serious of reviews.  If you already follow me on Instagram, these photos will be a repeat.  Also, some of these may have already been featured in previous blog posts, but I'm too lazy to figure out which ones, so they might also be repeats.)

Part 1
Part 2

Tea while teaching my British violin student

A common sight - coconut tree

View from our hike to Pico da Tijuca

Another view from Pico da Tijuca

A very bumpy bus ride

Pretty flower in my hair

School cafeteria food


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