Thursday, January 9, 2014

Wild Hydrangeas in Campos do Jordao, Brazil

During our visit to Sao Paulo, Peter's parents decided we should take a family vacation to Camos do Jordao.  This is a Swiss village in the mountains of Brazil.  This little town is super cute, and I can't wait to share more photos!  We stayed 2 nights in a cabin, with spectacular views of the mountains and valleys.  I will share more pictures of the town and the mountains when I get a chance to upload them (our internet has been down for a few days).  In the meantime, enjoy some hydrangeas!

Hydrangeas of every color pretty much grow wild in Campos do Jordão.  They're everywhere.  White hydrangeas flowing down the mountainside give the appearance of snow or waterfalls.

These pictures were taken inside a national park known for the "Candelabra Tree," of which I will post pictures soon!

This photo taken by Peter Arthur

Do you like hydrangeas as much as I do?

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