Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Beachy Fashion

On 4th of July we went to the beach and I tried to look cool.  I was super proud of myself for rockin' a boho cover-up and an oversized hat, rather than my usual nappy t-shirt and decade-old shorts.  So I grabbed Peter and made him take some photos of me.  For the blog, naturally.  And when I went to upload them I realized my cover-up was inside out.  And I'm not sure that the hat really matches.  *face palm*

But I'm posting anyway, because yolo.  Or something like that.

Are beach cover-ups even necessary?  Let's be honest - it was a million degrees out and I wore the cover-up for a total of five minutes while at the beach.  Three of those were for taking these pictures.  The hat stayed on for most of the time, not because it was extremely sunny but because I was bound and determined to wear. that. hat!

Pink boho kimono from Groopdealz*
Hat from Nordstrom Rack, unavailable, similar here.
Swim suit from Target
Sunglasses from about 4 years ago from Kate Spade.

What did you do for the long weekend?

P.S. Check out my first ever vlog!  I made a video of our time in Florida with my sister and her family.  Check it out here.

* I will earn $10 store credit for each person who joins Groopdealz with this link and makes a $20 purchase.  Once you join you can then invite people and earn store credit for yourself!

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