Wednesday, July 15, 2015

DIY Glass Jar Lanterns || Dollar Store Craft

I can't give credit to myself for this idea.  Jamie, who writes the blog Anderson + Grant, posted the tutorial on Craftberry Bush.  Both are blogs I follow and love.

This project was inexpensive and quick.  I got all the supplies from the dollar store.

Three jars - $3
Two packs of 2 LED lights - $2
One package of rocks - $1
Hot Glue Gun - Already had
Twine - Already Had
Total for 3 lanterns = $6 or $2 each.

While I didn't invent the idea, I can certainly show you some ideas for how I'm displaying these cute jars around my house.

You can vary the size and amount of twine you use.  You don't have to use rocks and LED candles - fill with colored sea glass, seashells, or other trinkets you want to display.  Other ideas include filling them with succulents, using real candles, hanging them from your porch, putting them outside your front door, on your night table, any end table, next to your kitchen sink, basically anywhere you can think of.

Going on a picnic?  Take a few of these.  Having a BBQ?  Put a few of these around your grill.  Having some friends over?  Scatter some large and small lanterns, with real candles, around your house for a relaxing vibe.

On a countertop with lights off:

Lights on:

"Mood lighting:"

In the bathroom:

On a bookshelf:

On a corner of your coffee table:

My husband loves how these turned out and wants me to make many more to put around the house.  

Do you think you'll give this super easy diy project a try?

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