Wednesday, July 29, 2015

People are different here...

People are different here.

They're nicer and friendlier and smile more.

They help strangers, they always say hello, and they're quick to give a hug.

They "Praise Jesus" and "Roll Tide."

They wave from their cars and say things like, "Yes, M'am" and "No, Sir."

People are different here.

They fake laugh and backstab.  They smile to your face and gossip behind your back.

They roll their eyes at minorities and say "I hope we don't get any more of those people coming here."

They hunker down in their subdivision on the "safe" side of town and ask the new girl, "So what do you think of black people?"

Photo via unsplash

People are different here...

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  1. My sister has the same vein of comments for people in Seattle. All her usual methods of making friends has fallen flat as no one has any interest in actually becoming friends.


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