Monday, July 20, 2015

Happy 2nd Anniversary to Us || Our Love Story

Today marks two years of being married.  Last year we spent our anniversary at the location of our wedding in beautiful San Diego.  This year we're stuck in Southeast Alabama in the heat and humidity, maybe going out to dinner if we're not too tired.  So romantic!

Some of you have mentioned that you'd like to read about our love story - how we met and fell in love.  So I'll tell a little bit of it now.  I'll try to make it brief!

Peter and I met online.


Whenever people heard that I was online dating, they would say things like, "but you're so young and cute, can't you find anyone in real life?"  Well, even though they meant it as a compliment, I was always insulted.  Why, yes, I can "find anyone in real life."  But I don't want to find just any one.  I want to find the one.  Anyway, I had my reasons for dating online, and I don't regret it, obviously, because I met my husband!

So moving on.  We were matched around June 17th, 2011.  By July we were talking exclusively, and by August we were planning our wedding.  And we still hadn't met in person yet!  You see, Peter lived in Ohio, and a few weeks after we "met" online, Peter moved back to Brazil...  And I was in California.  We spent our days chatting on g-chat and google hangouts, sending emails, and Skyping.  We both knew after a few weeks that we wanted to marry each other, but we were both realistic of how that could be possible.  We needed to get to know each other better, and we needed to spend time in each others' physical presence.

Google Hangouts are really fun

Technology is great, especially when it freezes

Peter was planning on visiting me during his Christmas break (he was working at a school) but I didn't want to wait 6 months!  So I convinced him to visit in October.  He came for a week and met my parents and one sister and her kids.  He thought he met "sooo many" people on that trip but he would later realize how big my family is!

The first time we met in person!  We were so happy!
Peter came to visit again in December and got to meet my entire immediate family - mom, dad, three sisters and one brother and their spouses and their children, and my parents' foster daughter - totaling about 23 people.  Plus my aunts and uncles and cousins.  It was a little overwhelming for him.  But he was able to stay for 5 weeks and we all got to know him really well.  When he left that time I was sad because I didn't know when I would get to see him again.

Everyone loved him immediately, especially my nieces and nephews...

Luckily I was able to plan and save and by April (2012) my dad and I flew down to Brazil to meet Peter's family.  We stayed for a week and got to tour São Paulo.  It was a fun time.  But seeing each other a few weeks every three months wasn't enough - we knew that we needed to spend even more time together before we got married.

Me and my dad in Brazil

So a few months later Peter decided to take a leap and move to California.  Exactly one year after we met online, Peter moved to California.  I was getting ready to move back up to San Jose to finish my Master's (I had taken a year off due to health reasons), so Peter decided he would also move to San Jose.  He was able to rent a room from one of my good friends, and he found about 3 part time jobs to pay the bills.  It was tough, financially, but it was worth it.  We were able to get engaged and plan our wedding.

We got married July 20th, 2013, two years after we had met.  And from there, you know the rest... we had a lovely honeymoon in Julian and Dana Point, California, and 8 days after we said "I do," we packed our bags and flew down to Rio de Janeiro.  We spent a year there before returning to the states and moving to Alabama.  We've been in Alabama for a year now.

So much has happened in the past 4 years.  I told Peter that I can't believe we've only been married for two years because it feels like so much longer (in a good way)!  I'm not sure what the next 2, 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 years will hold, but I'm glad I get to spend it with Peter.  Whatever reasons we each had for trying out online dating, I'm glad we did!


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