Saturday, August 25, 2012


[Disclaimer:  If you do not like reading about or seeing needles, don't read this post.]

I had my first acupuncture treatment two days ago!

I've been having some symptoms that Western medicine has not been able to help.

Heart burn and indigestion, painful stomach cramps before #2, sinus infections, sinus pressure, post-nasal drip, hoarse voice, headaches, fatigue

I met with the specialist for about an hour, discussing symptoms, going through past medical history, etc.  He was very thorough and made sure to get as much information as possible, which I thought was really great!  No Western doctor I've ever been to has spent that much time with me!  He spent almost an hour just discussing symptoms.

He decided to do acupuncture to address my problems with headaches and fatigue.  He put needles in my temples.  He also wanted to begin with trying to fix my sinus issues.  So he put two needles in my face by my nose.  He also put needles in my hands by my thumbs, on the inside of my arms just above my wrists and on my feet.  Those on my hands and feet were supposed to address stomach issues and lung issues (asthma).  

"What did I get myself into???" 
(The needles did not hurt.  I felt a pinch when he initially inserted them and I could feel him wiggling them around, but once he let go, I could not feel a thing  The ones on my right hand and left foot were painful when he put them in but after he let go I could not feel them.)

He also prescribed an herbal mixture that I'm supposed to drink 3 times a day after meals.  This is a combination of herbal treatments mixed together - some to address stomach issues (heartburn and stomach aches) and there is something in there that is supposed to help reduce the lump in my breast.  (He says that his wife had lumps in her breasts and after she did this particular treatment for a little bit, the lumps completely disappeared.)

Like I said, I had my first appointment two days ago, but I can already notice a difference.  I started the herbal tea drink right away and have had much success in the stomach ache department.  I had my first two days of classes and have felt energized and happy all day.

I have high hopes for this Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture!  I think it is going to be successful!  I plan to continue and at this point I would recommend it to others.  I have some friends who get frequent migraines.  Aside from making healthy food choices, which in my opinion would help more than anything with headaches, I would highly recommend acupuncture and/or Chinese herbal medicine to them.  

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