Sunday, August 12, 2012


I spent the last two weeks in Florida with my parents and  little sister.  We were there on a semi-vacation but mostly to help my sister Katie through her second chemo treatment.  Here are some Instagram pictures I took along the way.  

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You can read about Katie's journey through breast cancer at her blog:

Reflection on my car the night before we left.

View from my parents' hotel room balcony.

View of my sister's backyard.

Nate loved his new goggles and had to wear them immediately, even while eating lunch.

Nate in new goggles and Grandpa's hat.

Shaving my sister's head.  She has good features, still pretty without hair!

Waterproof camera... I had great things in mind for this, but I ended up letting Luke take all the pictures.

Best aunties ever - making chocolate cake with Lilly... this after making brownies the previous day and rice krispie treats before that!

Girl-day... I look so blah here, no wonder the lady thought I was 15!

More girls.

The result of girl-day - pretty pink toes.

At a restaurant right after we flew in to SD, I wanted lemon-meringue pie but they were out, so she brought me a slice of meringue by itself.  It was odd, but I do love meringue!

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