Saturday, August 4, 2012

Art Journal - Nature - and mini tutorial

I bought a new multimedia notebook to use for the Destroy this Journal event.  It was ugly, so I had to decorate the front cover!  Consider this my installment of this week's art journal challenge.

This week's theme is "nature," so I put a flower on it.  :)

Supplies needed:  Notebook, Decorative paper, Scissors, Glue

Step 1: Cut out ribbons from decorative paper (this package was 50% off at Hobby Lobby)

Step 2: Glue ribbons to notebook cover

Step 3: Use Sharpee or black paint on the remainder of the cover.  I was dumb and should have put down a black background before gluing the ribbons.  So I had to compensate with Sharpee.  :(

Steps 4 - 5: Cut out petals from decorative paper.  Glue Petals in the shape of a flower.

Step 6: Destroy the journal.  In other words, use it up, every page, every spare inch, write, draw, paint, color, make lists, put down thoughts, write letters to your future self, express yourself...

Have you started your art journal yet?

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