Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Update: Summer To-Do List


Summer To-Do List

1.  GET A TAN!  I've been pasty white for almost 2 years.  I need a healthy dose of sunshine!  Did not get much of a tan to speak of.  Well, slightly, but not much.

(This might happen today.  From google search)

2.  Organize, sort, get rid of stuff, pack up my life.  Organized music, but nothing else.  Have not packed anything, yet.  I'm saving it all for the three free days when I get back from vacation.

3.  Try to finish Form and Analysis workbook.  I can't believe I wasn't required to take this class in Undergrad!  My goal is to finish the book on my own and then hopefully the head of "Music Systems" (Theory) will waive the remedial requirement.  Did not finish Form and Analysis workbook.  Hmmm.  No excuse for that, except that I just didn't want to...

4.  Plan, design, build my new website with Peter. (More details to come soon, will require lots of collaboration with YOU and others!  You'll love it!  Stay tuned!)  Not much accomplished on the new website idea.  Not sure if I'm going to follow through with it...  Basically, I wanted to make a website full of inexpensive date ideas, a site where people can submit their own ideas and pictures, as well as be able to search for date ideas based on which city they are in.  But I'm not sure how successful it will be.  What do you think?  Should I pursue it?

From google search

5.  Find an apartment/roommates in SJ.  I did find a place to live in SJ!  So that's pretty much the one thing I actually accomplished.

This is not where I'll be living.  From Google search.

6.  Have fun and try not to stress about the future!  I have had fun.  But I have still stressed a lot about the future!

Having fun

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