Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Birthday and Bachelorette

This past weekend I had my birthday... I turned old.  I also spent the weekend with my friend for her bachelorette party.  We spent the weekend in Santa Barbara.  It was so beautiful.  Before that, like literally the day before, I moved to San Jose!  Here are some pictures I took with Instagram along the way!


Getting ready to pack all my belongings into the car...

Road trip!

Mid-Road Trip Nap @ Mission Bay

One of the nicest bathrooms in a WALMART I've ever seen!

Remembering the beautiful flowers Peter sent me for my birthday last year.  They were soooo beautiful!  Peruvian Lilies, I believe.


The future bride and I

Driving in to Santa Barbara (that's the ocean in the background)

Pelican, brief...

Awesome ceiling fans at a winery near Santa Barbara

OMG this restaurant/cafe is amazing.  And it's adorable inside.  If you're ever in Santa Barbara, this is a must!

This was the cutest succulent, and I think the photo turned out pretty good!

School starts tomorrow!  Aaaah!  

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