Sunday, June 17, 2012

2 things I love: Flowers and Music

These flowers seem like they are looking at you.  They look a little whimsical and friendly.  
Collage: watercolor flowers, music cut out from a magazine, card stock.  

Not sure what to do with this collage... right now it's propped up on the hallway counter.  Any ideas?  Is it worth framing?  I'm not sure.  It feels like it's lacking something, needs another dimension but I'm stuck...  Help!

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  1. I like it...but you are right, it does need something. I think you should outline the flowers in black. Then frame it in a black frame. I think that will tie it all up and finish it off :)

  2. I like it the way it is and I see it every day. It needs a black frame.


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