Monday, June 18, 2012

On my wish list - spend more time in Korea

Korea is on my mind because right now I have a cousin and cousin-in-law working there, two college roommates working there, and two good friends who just got married are moving there in a few weeks.  I feel like I should join them all! :)

Everyone should go to Korea.  It's a really nice place!  Very clean, modern friendly!  I went twice, first in the summer of 2009 and second in the winter of 2010.   I loved it.  Would love to go back and maybe live for a year or so.

Pictures from summer in Korea - 2009

A view of North Korea

That's North Korea behind me... I guess I probably shouldn't be smiling...


random billboard

School cafeteria food in Korea

Eumsong Countryside

someone's backyard full of kimchi pots

getting ready for a performance

At the Traditional Village Tour

At the Seoul Tower

Seoul Tower, sorry for blurriness

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