Monday, June 11, 2012


I hate reading blogs that seem like they're just bragging about where they've traveled and what they've done.  I don't want my blog to seem like that.  The purpose of my blog is just to have an outlet for creativity, to show my artistic point of view.  It's also a way for family and friends to stay connected, see what I'm up to, especially if I'm on a trip somewhere.  

I know that I have been extremely blessed and lucky to have traveled to as many places as I have.  I love traveling and seeing new countries and experiencing new cultures.  I love trying new food, learning new languages, making new friends.  

For me, traveling is more than just the excitement of typical tourist destinations.  Some of my favorite stories to tell are about randomly meeting people...  
(Please keep reading) the time I was wandering around an outdoor shopping mall in Seoul, my friends had gone their own ways, I was alone, it was freezing cold, and I ducked into a beauty store to warm up.  I met the most lovely Chinese girl who was studying at the University in Seoul.  We became email pals!  (That was also the night I got pink-eye in both eyes, which is another story...)

Or the time we hiked up Huayna Picchu, met two Israeli guys, and spent hours talking about Christianity.  


Those are the reasons I love traveling.  Those are the memories I hold on to forever.  We could be miles away from our homes yet we still find connections with other people.  To me, that is amazing.

All that being said, I know I'm not a professional photographer, but I do enjoy it, and I do think I've taken some fairly good pictures over the years.  I have had to rely solely on my old point-and-shoot camera because I don't have any photo editing software.  

This is one of my favorite photos from Italy.  I love the angle, I love the pigeons, I love the memory of being there, feeling so tiny...

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