Saturday, June 9, 2012

How to Subscribe

My mom, and others, have expressed that they do not know how to subscribe to my blog.  There are 4 ways to do this:

1. Look at the left column.  You'll see a facebook "like" symbol, a search box, and below that a box that say "FOLLOW BY EMAIL"  Enter your email address and click "submit."  You will automatically receive an email when I update my blog (which is usually every day)...

2.  Add to your reader (for example on Google Reader... Click the button that says "subscribe."  Type the url and then click "add.").  It will now be added to your queue of blogs to read.  You will  have to look at your reader in order to be informed of new posts.

3.  Look at the left column.  Under the box to subscribe by email it says "SUBSCRIBE TO" and there are two drop down menus.  You can click to subscribe to "posts" or "comments."  Click on whichever option applies to you.  (For example, I would click on "add to Google" and it would give me the option of adding the blog to my google homepage or to Google Reader.)  You will have to look at your reader in order to see new posts.

4.  If you have a Blogger account - Look at the right sidebar.  Scroll down past "Instagram" and "Pinterest."  You will see "FOLLOWERS" and a button that says "Join this site."  Click on that button.  It may ask you to sign in to Blogger if you haven't already done so.  You will then confirm that you want to follow the site and choose if you want to follow publicly or privately.  You will have to look at your Blogger home page in order to see new posts.

I have a feeling that subscribing by email will be the easiest for most people.

Questions?  Something didn't work?  Let me know!  Thanks for reading!  Hope you enjoy my blog!

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