Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Not alone with my tea

This year is the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.  Which means we, all the way in California, had to celebrate with a tea party brunch!   I invited a few people but only my mom, Laura, and Shannon showed up.  That's ok, we still had fun!  :)

The food:  
Fruit salad - separated - per Laura's request
Almond-Pomegranate Green Tea Muffins (recipe coming soon)
Almond- Regular Green Tea Muffins 
Spelt-flour Pumpkin-Cranberry Bread 
Gluten-free Shortbread (from Gluten-free Bisquick) 
Gluten-free Ginger Snap Cookies (store bought)
Apricot-Coconut bites (from here
Shannon brought yummy finger sandwiches

The Tea: 
We shared a few pots of 
Caramel-Rum black tea (sooo good) 
English Breakfast tea
Pomegranate Green tea

We started out with English accents but quickly lost them (I'm horrible at accents).  It was really fun to have an excuse to use beautiful china dishes, eat yummy food, drink yummy tea, and hang out!


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