Thursday, June 7, 2012

Facebook page for alonewithmytea

A lot of people know that I hate facebook.  I really really hate it.  Really.  Lots of reasons why.  Maybe someday I'll write a post detailing all the reasons I hate facebook.  There is one advantage to facebook, however.  And that is getting information out to a large number of people at once.

I'd really like my blog to get more hits, create a following, get more people interested, more people reading.  So I created a facebook page for my blog.  Yes, I did.  How am I justifying this?  Well, for one, pages don't have "friends."  They have "likes."  That makes a big difference.  If you have a page you are basically removed from the body of facebook.  You are able to stay a little bit more removed from the whole "facebook experience" while at the same time putting your information out there for all the masses to see.

All that being said, please head over to and "like" my page!  I'd really really appreciate it.

It might make it easier for you to get updates from my blog.  Maybe it will make my blog more visible to others who wouldn't otherwise have seen it.  Whatever the case may be, I'm hoping it will draw more traffic to my humble blog!  If it turns out to be an epic fail, well, at least I tried!


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