Friday, September 6, 2013

Don't get confused - A silly Portuguese lesson

Portuguese is very similar to Spanish, and thus very easy to pick up.  However, there are some words which can be confusing and quite funny.  For example, the words for coconut and poop look similar, but are pronounced differently.  There are various ways to pronounce Os and As, which sound very close to each other, and foreigners are often not able to perceive the subtle differences.

Photos from here and here

côco (often written "coco")
(COH-coo) = coconut

cocô (also often written "coco") 
(co-COH) = poop


Photos from here and here.
(nasalized PUH-oo) = bread

(open, like POW) = stick, or a vulgar term for male genitalia  (this is how most foreigners say pão, which is quite embarrassing) 


Photos from hereherehere, and here.
(OH-lyoo)= eye

(Aw-lyoo, more like an open O) = oil

(AH-lyoo, like a bright A) = garlic

Eu olho.
(Aw-lyoo) = I look (the first-person verb conjugation for "I look" is pronounced the same way as the word for oil - Aw-lyoo)


And, just for fun:

"Yay! I farted!"  Photo from here.
(pay-day) = I farted


I hope you enjoyed this silly Portuguese lesson! 

Thanks for reading!

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