Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Wedding Decorations

I wanted my wedding decor to be feminine and romantic.  Even though we weren't having a traditional "tea party," I still wanted it to feel like a tea party.  

My cousin, Sara, did the decorations (and all the flowers), and they turned out ah-mazing.  My favorite part about the wedding was the decor.  I told her a general idea of what I wanted (pink, yellow, soft, romantic, somewhat vintage, tea party, etc.), and she nailed it!  I couldn't have been more happy!

Photos by RuthMarie Photography (another cousin - isn't family the best?)

Gluten-free cake made by my mom and decorated by a cake shop in Brawley, and the bouquet that I tossed
The beautiful chairs that we didn't even sit in - we were too busy talking to friends! :)

In case you missed it, my two favorite moments of the wedding: The Bridal PartyThe Kiss, and our DIY "guestbook"

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