Monday, September 23, 2013

Fast food in Brazil

Fast food in Brazil is filling and tasty.  Yes, they do have McDonald's and Burger King, but those are actually more expensive than "regular" food.  A hamburger at McDonald's would cost the same amount as the food you see below.

So when we eat out, we opt for Brazilian food, rather than over-priced, yucky, American fast food.  We found a place in the mall that we love.  It's called Polis Sucos and it's primarily a juice shop, but they also have yummy food.

I got the "kabob" meal.  It arrived with the meat off the stick, rice, beans, farofa, french fries, and a salsa of sorts.  It cost about $8:

Peter got a chicken breast with an egg on top, rice, beans, french fries, and a salad - for about $8:

I also got a lime juice sweetened with honey, and Peter got guarana.

I really love Brazilian food.  The meat is always flavored well, we always get rice and beans, and they love french fries here! (The french fries seem to be baked, not fried, so they don't taste greasy.)

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