Friday, September 6, 2013

Living an introvert's dream

I am currently living an introvert's dream.  The problem is, as an extrovert, I end up sitting around all day thinking about how bored I am, rather than being productive or enjoying the peace and quiet. 

Things I could be doing, but am not:

- Mopping the floors
- Reading a book
- Writing a story
- Practicing my violin
- Score study (granted, that would require scores, of which I have zero, because conductor scores are impossible to find here, and while I could download them from imslp, we currently don't have enough paper to print out full scores!)
- Cleaning the balcony
- Practicing my design skills on Illustrator or Photoshop
- Bible study
- Art (which would require art supplies, which are difficult to find in Brazil and even if I could find them, I probably couldn't afford them - everything is so expensive here!)
- and much more, which I can't even think about right now because I'm too focused on how bored I am!  See, it's not fun being a stay-at-home-extrovert!!!

I guess another problem is - I'm lazy.  I could go to Starbucks... But then I think, why walk all the way to Starbucks (20 minute walk) to just do the same thing I do at home - sit there and be bored???

So now is the time when all the working moms start hating me.  Look - when you have a full time job and a husband and kids, you're exhausted.  I get that.  You need a break.  Trust me, the first week and a half of staying home, I was in heaven!  I loved the free time!  I could finally relax after all the finishing-grad-school-moving home-getting married-moving to Brazil stuff!  But now, 6 weeks later, I'm over it!

Granted, I did get a few things done today - laundry, dishes, a make-shift budget on excel, showered and got dressed - so that all counts for something, right? (Now I'm just justifying my laziness!)

Ok, maybe I don't have your sympathy, but at least I feel a lot better by having vented to good ol' cyberspace!


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