Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The large family

My favorite part about our wedding was that my whole family could be together.  This is no easy feat, with some living in Brawley, some in Florida, some in Northern California!  

I am so grateful that everyone was able to make it and participate in some way.  My sisters and sister-in-law were bridesmaids, two nieces were flower girls, one nephew was the ring bearer, another nephew escorted my grandma and mom, the other nephews helped with pre-wedding stuff, an my other older nieces helped with handing out the bubbles and supervising the guest book (map) and gifts.

It was so fun to spend wedding week with my beautiful family!

Me and Peter and my large family:
Grandma, Mom, Dad, Brother + Sister-in-law + Nieces and nephew #1-4, Sister + Brother-in-law + Niece Nephews #5-8, Sister (+Brother-in-law not pictured) + Niece and nephews #9-11, Sister

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