Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hippie Fair in Ipanema

We've been talking about it for weeks, but this past weekend we finally made it to the hippie fair!  Peter was pretty sick from his cold, but he pushed through (and his cold was probably made worse because of it).  :(  

The hippie fair is an outdoor tradesman/artists' market that happens every week in Ipanema.  It is in the "square" just a few blocks from the famous beach.

We didn't buy anything this time, but we enjoyed walking around and looking at everything!  

My favorite part were the art displays.  There are a lot of great self-taught artists here, and the paintings are relatively cheap. 

It's interesting to see how they (mostly) all paint the same subject (favelas, or slums), but in different styles and interpretations!
Tall and skinny favelas
Colorful and crazy favelas

 This painting was one of my favorites.  His paintings are extremely life-like.  From a distance you think it's a photograph, and they are very eye-catching.  I loved these two canoes.  
This painting sells for $184, which is a great deal, in my opinion!

Next time I will buy some colorful rugs for my apartment

Anyone want an owl purse?
If you get hungry, snack on some corn!

The hippie fair is kind of a "touristy" place, so we didn't bring our nice camera.  (Touristy places are where you're more likely to get robbed or pick-pocketed.)  I took all these photos with my phone.

Me and my friend, Michelle
A lot of city buses have t.v.s in front which rotate news segments and random trivia.
The bus we took home

Michelle and her husband, Nathan

This guy's outfit...

Well, that's a small glimpse of the hippie fair.  It's a fun way to spend an afternoon.  It's a great place to get souvenirs, so when you come visit, we'll definitely take you!  ;)


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