Monday, September 30, 2013

Things that grow on other things

You all remember how I love trees, right?  Well there is something unique about the trees around Barra that I noticed right away!  I don't know if this is a Brazil thing or a Rio thing, but everywhere you look, there are things growing on other things.  And not normal things like vines or other jungle-y items, such as this:
a typical occurrence in the jungle

I'm talking orchids and other houseplants growing on trees...

Here it is not uncommon to see orchids, and other random plants, tied to trees, and freely growing. 

No room in your apartment?  Hang your houseplants from your trees!

I love the pop of color this orchid provides!

 I have no idea what's going on with this little guy, but he looks quite comfortable...

(Sorry for the spotty/blurry photos - it was raining when I snapped the pics! Don't worry, we have a waterproof camera!)

I love these random plants growing on other plants!  I think they are so whimsical and cute.  The added vegetation makes the neighborhood look more green and luscious.  At first it was confusing, because the way they are attached, I thought they were naturally growing there.  I think after awhile the roots start to wrap around the tree and they survive for a long time!

What do you think of this "decor" idea?  Something you would try in your yard?

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