Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Grammar tips for bloggers

For Travel Tuesday this week, the prompt is "Languages."  I could write about how Duolingo and Dora the Explorer (in Brazilian Portuguese) have helped me learn Portuguese.  I could write about how it's important that when you're learning a new language you talk to everyone you can - even if you're shy or embarrassed.  I could write about the funny or embarrassing things I've said on accident (calling a spoon a bunny, for example).  

However, I've chosen to use this prompt to provide some grammar tips for bloggers.  Many bloggers are American and their English grammar is horrid.  Many bloggers are foreign,  but they write in English so as to have a bigger audience - and their English is usually great!  English is a very complicated language.  It is essentially a combination of many different languages.  We've borrowed words from French, Spanish, Italian, Latin, German, etc, which is why some of the pronunciation rules are crazy ("I before E except after C or when sounding like 'eigh' as in Neighbor or Weigh").


Pretty much anyone can self-publish in this digital age.  And blogging is such a cool form of communication.  I've discovered some really awesome people and places through reading blogs.  While I think it's great that everyone, regardless of education or background, can have their voices heard, it annoys me to no end when I read posts filled with grammatical errors.


Don't get me wrong - I realize that I'm not perfect.  I type as I think, often leading to run-on sentences.  I don't claim to be a grammar expert (though my husband actually is).  But I think there are some basic grammar rules that should be followed so as not to look ... well... dumb.  I'm not going to lie, I've "unfollowed" a few blogs that were riddled with grammar mistakes.


Note: I have found that native English speakers, especially Americans, have the worst grammar.  People who learn English as a second (or third or fourth) language usually remember all the rules and have very few issues.  Just another testament to the poor state of the American public school system...

Before you write me off as a mean ol' snob, please understand that this post is coming from a good place.  I want to be able to help people.  Many bloggers put so much time and energy into each post.  They want a blog they are proud of.  They want to look professional.  My advice: hire a proofreader, especially if you're trying to make your blog a career.  (My husband, for example, has a degree in this.  Email me if you're interested in having him proofread your blog posts - alonewithmytea at gmail dot com)

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