Monday, May 12, 2014

Relationship Stories

I dated a few different types of guys in my younger days.  Each relationship dissolved for a variety of reasons that ranged from "I knew she wouldn't have sex with me but I didn't want to tell her that was the reason" to "We need to admit we're both still in love with our exes" (that guy and I were able to remain good friends, which I'm really happy about).  But there is one instance that I remember quite clearly as being the defining moment of, "Nope.  Just... nope.'"  Not because he was abusive or mean or anything unpleasant.  Just because he was so... weird...

He was a nice guy, we got along great, similar interests, same friends, everything was pretty smooth sailing.  But it all changed one day when I was visiting his family.  I had met his family several times before - they seemed like nice people.  We were sitting down for dinner at his parents house.  We passed around the bowls, and he exclaimed, "Oh mom, you cut the squash into quarters!  You never do that!  Why did you do that?"  And she replied, "Oh, well I wanted it to cook faster."  And his older sister chimed in, "That's so strange, you've never done that before."  And his younger brother said, "I don't like it."  ...And thus began a 15 minute conversation on zucchini and how weird it was that the mom cooked it in quarters instead of halves, how the quarters were more difficult to eat because they didn't scoop on the fork properly, how the halves were better for whatever reason, and blah blah blah.

Apparently this is the only correct way to chop a squash

Ok, so that wasn't the only reason things didn't work out between us.  Obviously I wasn't going to break up with someone because of how they prefer to eat their squash!  But it is a defining moment in that relationship... because this is the number one memory I have of the whole 10 months we dated.  

So tell me, when did you realize you needed to break up with someone?  Do you have any strange or interesting relationship stories?  I'd love to read them!



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