Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Souvenir - Paraty Watercolor

Peter picked out this watercolor of the church on the bay in Paraty.  I would have gone with a different scene (maybe the rows of colorful buildings) but he loved this one, so this is the one we got.


I can't wait to get back to the States and figure out how to display and use all of our cool souvenirs.  I think a mat to match the church roof would look nice, with a green frame?  Brown frame?  Gold?!

We have 30 days left in Brazil, assuming the airport doesn't shut down.  Which reminds me to please ask you to send prayers to Brazil.  Tomorrow the police are going on strike (not working) in four different states, including the beautiful city of Rio, where I live.  You can imagine what happens when desperate people realize there are no policemen to stop them.  When this happened in other cities recently, there was massive chaos and crime in the streets.  

Brazil has been under a lot of stress recently.  The citizens are aware that eyes are on Brazil for the World Cup, so they are using this as an opportunity to make their demands known, hoping that the government will appease them to avoid national headlines.  In the past couple of weeks we have seen protests, strikes, buses not running, buses being burned, streets being shut down, and now the police are not going to work.  The Federal Police (different than the ones striking tomorrow - the Fed Po deal with all customs and everyone entering and leaving the country) are threatening to shut down the international airport during the World Cup.  We are supposed to leave June 20th (right in the middle of the Copa), so a Fed Po strike could seriously ruin our plans. 

It is a stressful time for all involved, and for those of us observing, since we realize how this has the potential to unfold into a very serious problem.  We are hoping for the best and that everything will be resolved quickly, but in the meantime, please pray for Brazil!

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