Friday, May 30, 2014

That time I almost got hit by a motorcycle

In random news, I was almost hit by a motorcycle yesterday.  Peter and I were walking on the sidewalk when we heard a "beep beep" behind us.  We are used to hearing honks all the time - honks have a variety of meanings here - and we were walking next to a main road with cars backed up at a red light.  So we didn't pay any attention to it.  Next thing I knew there was a motorcycle on the sidewalk trying to swerve around me, going super fast.  I jumped to the side and my heart about lept out of my mouth.  Peter yelled at the guy and started running after him, when next thing I knew, there was another motorcycle on the sidewalk that, again, swerved precariously close to me.

I had to restrain Peter from confronting the guys (who, ironically enough, were then stuck at a red light)... you don't know what kind of heat they might be packing.  He yelled at them, "Drive on the street, dude!"

Almost getting killed?  Not a great start to our date night...  :(

Gotta say, I'm surprised more things like this haven't happened in the 11 months we've lived here.  Though, I must admit, we've been pretty spoiled with our neighborhood... Zona Sul is definitely the most famous and touristy area (Copacabana, Ipanema, etc), but Barra da Tijuca is the cleanest and safest.

So that was just a random story to tide you over until I can write another post with a life update and some news about where we're moving next! 

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